Lame-Duck Democrats Plan to Cripple U.S. Economy After Mid-Term Elections?

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On Thursday, we reported on the proposed $165 billion-plus union pension bailout bill.  This union bailout bill has significant long-term ramifications for both the U.S. economy, as well as the Democrats in Washington.

Fortunately for taxpayers, unless some Republican “squishes” stupidly sign on to Sen. Bob Casey’s (D-PA) union bailout bill, it is not likely to get too far before the mid-term elections.

After the mid-terms, however, is a whole different matter, as it appears Democrats are preparing to cram their entire economy-killing agenda down American’s throats using a “lame-duck” session.

As Phil Kerpen writes over at Big Government:

The lame duck session looks increasingly likely—and increasingly ambitious. Sen. Kerry continues to stress that cap-and-trade will be on the agenda, and Sen. Harry Reid (who may be a lame duck himself after Election Day) confirmed it to the Netroots Nation audience, saying: “We’re going to have to have a lame-duck session, so we’re not giving up.”

Along with cap-and-trade, a lame duck will likely consider the recommendations of Obama’s deficit commission — a package that will include enormous tax hikes and could draw the support of some departing Republicans like Judd Gregg of New Hampshire George Voinovich of Ohio, and Robert Bennett of Utah.

And organized labor, seeing the lame duck as their last chance for a legislative return on their political investments for years, will also demand lame duck action.

While Sen. Tom Harkin is still promising some version of card check, more likely is Sen. Bob Casey’s proposed union pension bailout, S. 3157, which would relieve unions of their pension obligations – with a potential price tag for taxpayers in the hundreds of billions. Democratic Whip Dick Durbin signed on as a co-sponsor yesterday, indicating this bill is a top priority.

The winners in Delaware, Illinois, and West Virginia [each having special elections] could be the vital deciding votes on these major policy issues

Read the rest of Kerpin’s post here for more details.

It will take enormous pressure from the American people in order to stop Democrats dead in their lame duck tracks and the August recess is the time to start.

In addition to defeating Democrats in the special elections in DE, IL and WV, as well as during the mid-term elections, Americans should should call Democrats out on their plans and demand in writing during the August town hall meetings that Democrats (and Republicans) not attempt to kill the already-flagging U.S. economy with a destructive agenda during a lame duck session.

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