Democrat-Union Payoffs Continue: AFSCME traps Kansas child care providers and gets stimulus money to boot!

The Democrat payoffs to union bosses continue…

In Kansas, the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees has lured the state to help start up a new union of child care workers using former Kansas governor (and current Obama Secretary of Health & Human Services) Kathleen Sebelius’ executive order turning child care workers over to the union.

Inside the state Capitol, Republican lawmakers see the union contract, and the stimulus funding, as payback for union support of the Democratic administration.

Former governor Kathleen Sebelius issued the executive order giving the union permission to organize.

“I don’t think that the state should be in the business of organizing unions, and I don’t think that unions should be given the responsibility of oversight over day care facilities or anything else for that matter,” said Peggy Mast, a Republican state representative from Emporia.

Mast says she’ll renew her fight against the union in January, when a Republican adminstration is expected to take office.

“It was brought on by pressure and deceit, and I don’t think we should let it rest,” said Mast.

In the meantime, independent day care owners tell stories of intimidation by union recruiters and worry about retailation if they don’t join.

“No allegation like that has been brought to me. If we got that allegation, we would investigate it,” said Jordan.

Oh. Yeah. Okay.

But then there’s that little issue of stimulus money *allegedly* going to fund the union’s start up.

And the union political quid-pro-quo continues unabashed and unabated…

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