Unions Plan Arizona Invasion to Stimulate Economy

If they’re coming by bus, it’s likely they’ll need fuel.  [We would hate, after all, to see them stranded in the middle of the desert on I-10 on a hot July day.]

We can only imagine they’ll be thirsty too. Arizona’s bottled water is quite lovely on a hot Arizona day and heatstroke would be terrible thing to have for all those union folks anyway.

And, if they’re planning to stay over, perhaps they could use a good, non-union hotel to rest their weary feet.

So, with welcoming arms, Arizonans will embrace those fine union folks from LA who will be pumping money into the local economy when they travel to Phoenix for a big pep rally surrounding Arizona’s SB 1070  True, the’re calling it a “protest,” but it’s all in the eyes of the beholder and it will help stimulate Arizona’s economy:

Days before Arizona’s controversial law targeting illegal immigration takes effect, demonstrators are finalizing their plans to descend upon the state capital to show their support for or opposition to the measure.

The protests will include busloads of labor union members from Los Angeles who oppose Senate Bill 1070 because they believe it promotes racial profiling.

They plan to dare law enforcement in Phoenix, Arizona, to put SB 1070 to the test, according to Maria Elena Durazo, one of the organizers of the rally.

“We will not be carrying ‘papers,’ ” said Durazo, of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO. “We will let them know we are coming, and we will tell them: Arrest us for being brown or black, arrest us for being suspicious.”

As more states consider legislation like Arizona’s SB1070, it appears that the union boycott idea just wasn’t working out too well.

How stimulating!

Read more @ CNN.com.

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