Leaving Las Vegas & GOTV

Viva Las Vegas.

Bright light city gonna set my soul
Gonna set my soul on fire…

For those of you who could not make it, the Right Online conference was a blast.  Without going into details (you know, what happens in Vegas…), being able to finally connect faces to names and handles of the various RedState writers and other blogger illuminario was the essence of walking among the demigods of internet activism, nearly all just regular folks trying to save the nation from the jihad of Marxist-progressivism, race-baiting and ineptitude.

However, it was on the red-eye out of Sin City last evening that reflections on the two-day jaunt were beginning to take shape and nagging thoughts began to creep into an otherwise great time.

99, 98, 97, 96….

As of Monday, there are 98 days left until November 2nd.  Yet, despite the confidence of the pro-American Right and the escalating fears of the Left, defeat may yet still be snatched from the jaws of victory on our side.

While there have been discussions and articles galore about divisions on the Right, if there is one thing that Las Vegas brought into razor-sharp focus, it is the concern that the lack of cohesiveness and the egos of a few may ultimately doom the already-daunting task of beginning to purge the socialist ruling class on November 2nd.

Throughout the country there are groups, large and small, that have the same goal:

Preserving American Freedom from a gauntlet of left-wing radicals with their command-and-obey army of union foot soldiers.

How the Left Won: A Trip Down Memory Lane

In 2006 and again in 2008, the Right got beaten at the polls badly.  Across the country, groups within the Left that had great animosity for each other had united for the purpose of giving the Right a serious a**whooping.  How did they do it?  By realizing that their end goals were the same and they were better off putting aside their differences in order to mobilize their ground troops.

Here’s the back story:

Before the rest of America knew the names Andy Stern and SEIU, the Obama king-maker and his merry band of purple people eaters were already well known for stirring stuff up within the union movement.

In 2004, Stern & Co. led a debate about the future of the American labor movement.  Some argued that it was more about Andy’s ego than anything as noble as workers.  In either case, though, Andy got a handful of other union presidents to argue with the traditionalists within the AFL-CIO over the very structure of the movement, as well as how it was spending its resources (politics vs. organizing).  By 2005, that debate led to an all-out civil war.

At the 50th anniversary convention of the AFL-CIO’s merger, Stern and the leaders of the other unions seceded from the AFL-CIO, forming the “Change to Win” (C2W) federation.

Ultimately, Andy’s experiment failed and, while the C2W still exists, it is a largely ineffective outlet for the SEIU to funnel its members’ money to continue ACORN’s work.

However, during all of the verbal warfare and oneupmanship that was occurring, the C2W and AFL-CIO unions devoted time, resources and personnel to working together to win Congress in 2006.

In 2008, Andy was again the center of attention when it was discovered that he had cut “sweetheart deals” in the California nursing home industry in order to gain more members.  This angered the local executives of the SEIU-UHW local, which in turn created another civil war.  This time within the SEIU.

Then, when Andy began to meddle in the affairs of UNITE-HERE by helping the two merged unions split up again, his fellow Change to Win union boss, Terry O’Sullivan from the Laborers, had this to say:

[You can see by the above video how deep the public animosity was (and the private animosity was much deeper) at the top of the union food chain.]

However, as they did in 2006, the union bosses again devoted time, resources and personnel to working together get their people elected in 2008.

Meanwhile, while the union bosses were taking aim at each other at the top, groups that had never worked together in the past, environmentalists and union bosses, put aside their differences too.  They began by putting their heads together and came up with the Blue-Green Alliance.  They devoted resources, George Soros kicked in some cash, and they kicked the Right’s butt…by working together.

Those who want to tear down America were (and continue to be) smart enough to realize that they must work together in order to accomplish their nefarious goals.

Stop Aiming Your Muskets At Each Other

So far, on the Right, there does not seem to be even a glimmer of the sensibility that current rivals must work together to reach a common goal.  How pathetic.

While it is natural for there to be differences on policy and during primary season, there is, apparently, deep-seated distrust among those whose agendas should be aligned going into November in the coordination of Getting Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts.

If, for no other reason than the other side is unified and coordinated, those that want to stop the rush to socialism must unite around that common cause…and begin doing it now.

It seems that, in too many cases, Tea Party leaders are too busy peeing on each others’ legs on who the “legitimate” tea party is; conservatives are biting the heads off of fellow conservatives, libertarians (little “l”s included), causing the libertarians to either want to stay home or, out of principle, foolishly vote for a third party; and, lastly, if people do not realize that “independents” have at much at stake in GOTV and the future of America, then America will lose.

When, in Vegas, it was told that, if this group is involved in this effort, that won’t group won’t come to the table, it was echoing some of the same tripe out of some of the D.C. associations.

Are you kidding???

Because your egos are too big, do you honestly think you’re going to win this battle by going solo?

Are you NUTS???

Winning Wars Requires Real Leaders.

If Karl Marx’s disciples are going to be defeated in November, the Right needs to stop shooting at each other long enough to work together to Get Out the Vote.

Once the primaries are concluded, what must happen between now and October 1st is that ALL freedom-loving groups must begin building alliances and, if the leaders of those groups are too ego-driven to steer the group toward building alliances, then the individual members must do it.

This is a warning shot across the bow to the so-called “leaders” on the Right:  Start working together, or take the blame for failure.  Very soon, we will know where you stand, and we will expose you.

America needs patriots, not pandering pick-pockets.  Start working together, or assume responsibility for causing America to fall.

Stay tuned.

“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”  Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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