GOTV Part 1: The Road Map to America's Future Begins With Getting Out The Vote

Let a preface to this be stated:

People have been asking, knowing that marches and rallies are not enough to save America, how and when do we pivot to GOTV?  In short, the answer is NOW and this four-part series is the beginning of HOW


Unlike the Left, this road map is being posted out in the open for all to see. Why? Because the Left has its battle plans to take over America and it is time YOU learned their ground game and used it to reclaim this country.

Your numbers are greater. Your resolve is superior.  And, unlike theirs, your cause is moral.

In just a few months, America’s future will be determined by YOU and your ability to turn agitation and activism into concrete results.

These four posts shall serve as the beginning of the road map for Americans to reclaim their country—to stop, dead in its tracks, the socialization of America at the federal level and, in some cases, the state level as well.

To restate, this is the beginning to providing a road map to reclaim America, but it is not the end.

The reclaiming of America will not stop in 2010. It will not stop in 2012.  It will continue.  It will require more sacrifice and even longer vigilance.  It can be done but YOU have to want it.  YOU have to want to save America and you have to want to WIN.

This is not a time to burn out, tune out or turn off.  This is where the rubber will meet the road.  On the streets, in the neighborhoods, on the telephones, at the polls, and in the voting booths.

This is what Getting Out The Vote (GOTV) is all about. Being weary, but indefatigable. Exhausted but tenacious. The other side has it. Do you?  If not, America will be lost.  Forever.

Let there be no mistake.  Americans have not faced a crisis of this magnitude in many decades.  This fight is a philosophical fight.  It is a fight of individual rights versus collective rights.  It is a fight of the free market versus a variant of European-style socialism (or worse). It is a fight of the moral versus the immoral.

And, it can only be won if YOU are prepared for the fight and KNOW how to win it.

Many have pondered and debated the question: How did we get here?

Without getting into the dirty details of the past 100 years, of all the politicians who have sold their souls for power and money, suffice it to say that before us lays a road untraveled by many of those who have not followed the Left’s rise to prominence.

It has been happening on the streets, in the classrooms, in the workplaces, in the pulpits, and in the courtrooms of America.  Our nation has become the ping pong ball of politicians (of both parties!) who have little or no regard for the Constitution—those politicians who may have well taken their oaths of office with their hands on a roll of toilet paper.

When the Left united under a veil of secrecy as a singular force (PDF), their plans were to actively fundamentally transform America and, in many ways, they have succeeded.  However, in doing so, they have awakened you, the American people. You have rallied, you have called, railed, and mailed.  You have sacrificed and traveled from far and wide to demand accountability.  In so doing, along the way, you have also become knowledgeable in the acrid, putrid stench that has overtaken our nation’s political class.

In turn, they have laughed at you and mocked you and called you unimaginable names.

Be comforted, though, in knowing this:

All of their actions and accusations have been coordinated to mask their true fears. Like roaches in a darkened ally, the lights have come on, and their fear is palpable with their knowledge that their sneakiness and wretchedness has been exposed. The fear they have is that their jig is up.  They know their sticky glass jaws are left open and they fear having their plans shattered before they fully are realized.

Their false bravado cannot mask their true fear.  They are frightened that YOU have finally gotten wise to their ways and they are wary of the power YOU hold…and they are desperate to preserve their strangleholds, their jackboots, on your throats.

They are horrified that you have so quickly learned to use the tools of their god Alinsky as well as they have. The tools that they have used against you for so long are now in your hands and your numbers are greater. For them, the ends justify the means.  For you, their means will be their end.

Now, it is time to take it three steps further.

How we got here no longer matters. It is time for action and those who have sold this country out know that YOU are coming to take your country back.

The time is now to begin focusing on GOTV (Getting Out The Vote).

In the coming days, watch for these posts:

GOTV Part 2:  Taking From Their Playbook & Using it Against Them

GOTV Part 3:  Readying for Battle

GOTV Part 4:  Applying the Tools at Your Disposal

It is time to turn agitation into action to deliver results.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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