Union threats of more strikes against Red Cross jeopardize blood collections

Back in June, the Red Cross became the target of coordinated union strikes across the country.  While the strikes were temporary (lasting less than a week), the unions are still on the warpath, without contracts and still hanging the threat of striking over the Red Cross’ head.  This, according to the Red Cross, may jeopardize its ability to conduct future blood drives.

Local American Red Cross officials fear that further labor strikes would hamper the efforts of local blood drives.

“It clearly wouldn’t allow us to operate the number that we would want,” said Kay Schwartz, Red Cross New York-Penn Blood Region Chief Executive Officer.


Another strike hinges over the union’s dispute over its contract with the Red Cross. The union’s contract expired in April 2009 and negotiations have so far been unsuccessful.

In May, the Red Cross gave its “last and final” offer to the union, a contract that would give a three-percent wage increase upon ratification and another three-percent increase the following year. The union rejected the contract and voted to strike.

Some readers may recall that, last year, the Teamsters struck the Red Cross for three weeks, causing patients to be put at risk, including a two-year old child.  This caused a public outcry and forced the Red Cross to go to court to get an injunction against the striking Teamsters.


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