Is the UAW about to play race card in demonizing Toyota?

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The Union of Ailing Workplaces…er…United Auto Workers is targeting Toyota for (like) the umpteenth time.

This time, however, the union seems to be trying to throw the race card into it, by bringing Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow PUSH coalition into the campaign, as well as somehow drawing Martin Luther King into its efforts to unionize the car company.

“We’re gonna be out there in the streets demanding social and economic justice for all working families, all workers, in this country and around the world,” King said at an event kicking off the campaign in Detroit.

The coalition plans to launch the campaign with an August 28th march in Detroit. That will be the 47th anniversary of Doctor Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

The problem with the UAW’s plan is that it’s not winning too many friends inside or outside of Toyota, as its actions (so far) of throwing inflatable rats up outside of Toyota dealers does nothing but harm the Toyota workers.

From the Truth About Cars:

Confirming his decision to target the best-selling foreign brand in America, he says “bannering” of Toyota dealers is taking place in California and New York… despite the fact that the UAW has been going after Toyota, since 2007, and has had access to at least one Toyota plant since December of last year. Meanwhile, the facts that GM first doomed the NUMMI plant (while Toyota footed the bill) that inspired the California protests, and is generally turning away from the UAW for coveted “green jobs” is allowed to go unprotested, because the UAW’s VEBA account needs to make money on the GM IPO. For more of King’s breathtaking ability to wrap venal self-interest in the cloak of unselfish ideals, check out this recent interview with Democracy Now.

We’re still a bit puzzled about what Jesse Jackson & Co. brings to the UAW’s party, but we’re pretty sure it will have something to do with calling Toyota out on something anything racial.

Read the rest @ The Truth About Cars.

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