When Union Boycotts Fail: A look at today's pathetic union tactics

In early March, the United Food & Commercial Workers rejected a contract offer from Shaw’s  Supermarkets and 300 distribution center workers walked out on strike.

Since that time, the strikers have been replaced, the UFCW has collected donations,  marched and are futilely trying to boycott Shaw’s.  Now, having exhausted its tactics aimed at putting pressure on Shaw’s, the UFCW has resorted to trespassing in order to conduct “flash mobs.”

According to the AFL-CIO’s blog:

One of the most creative actions in support of the workers involved a flash mob at a Shaw’s in Somerville, Maine, led by the Somerville Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society band and an activist chorus. They sang “Ain’t Gonna Shop at Shaw’s No More” to the tune of “Down By the Riverside” (see video above). After briefly telling shoppers about the strike and chanting “Boycott Shaw’s,” the band and chorus marched out the door.

No arrests were reported.

“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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