How Today's Unions Kill Jobs

Unions.  They’re supposed to be about protecting their members’ jobs, right?  Think again.

As today’s unions go, unions are for bigger government, unions are for publicly-funded bailouts, unions are for unemployment extensions, unions are for nationalized health care, unions are for ending the First Amendment, but in Indianapolis, there is one thing one UAW local is apparently against: jobs.

Especially if those jobs mean taking a wage cut.

UAW Local 23 will not accept wage concessions requested by the potential buyer of the General Motors stamping plant, Local 23 bargaining chairman Gregory Clark said this morning.

Clark, speaking publicly for the first time about the wage demands, said the stamping plant workers refused concessions by an overwhelming margin in a May vote. He said that vote remains the local’s final decision.

The action makes it more likely that GM will proceed with the closing of the Near Westside plant as planned in 2011.

It also throws into doubt the actions on Wednesday by the United Auto Workers’ senior leadership in Detroit. After a meeting Wednesday with Clark, Maurice “Mo” Davison, the UAW’s top official in Indiana, said a wage concession package would be negotiated in Detroit with GM and presented to the Local 23 membership for a vote.

JD Norman Industries of Addison, Ill., had stepped forward as a potential buyer for the stamping plant on the condition that wage concessions reduce the payroll.

Whether you call it stubbornness or just plain stupidity, in this case, the UAW has earned its moniker United Against Work. Is the any wonder why the landscape is littered with the corpses of unionized companies that have closed?

Not to worry though, we’re fairly certain these UAW members will be going to the public trough to suckle soon enough blaming “Corporate America” for the plight they helped to create themselves with every slurp.

“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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