Vandalized and Beaten for Being Non-Union?

Last week, a beating of non-union construction workers took place in New Merion, Pennsylvania [see post below from BigGovernment.com].

As it turns out, though, this beating appears to be only the latest in a series of atrocious attacks:

Kane Builders Inc. in Glenside is the general contractor at the four-acre site, and the subcontractors are both union and open-shop. The site-preparation subcontractor is union, as is the framing subcontractor, said Mark Spencer, Kane’s site supervisor. Ironworking and masonry are nonunion.

Paul Daily, Maura’s project manager, said that Local 401 had asked Maura to include a union worker on its crew but that Kane and Toys R Us, which have oversight, refused.

Such requests are common, Daily and Dougherty agreed. For example, Daily said, Maura will add a union ironworker to its crew on a Cherry Hill job.

Trouble in toyland started in late May after Maura delivered anchor bolts to the job site. The bolts, sunk in concrete, are used to attach steel columns to the foundations. After the masons installed them, vandals bent or broke 120 bolts, Daily said.

Maura’s crew began work on June 17. Over the weekend of June 19, wires were cut on a forklift, making it inoperable. Pickets went up Monday, and the other union subcontractor honored the line.

Police are continuing to investigate.

Apparently, picketing and vandalism weren’t enough

Shocking! Bat-wielding Union Thugs Attack Non-Union Workers

Union violence is often talked about anecdotally but seldom addressed.  Even though one 25-year study found nearly 9,000 reported incidents of union violence, union-controlled Democrats often try to sweep it under the rug and, when they can’t, they’ll feign shock while seeming to relish it when it happens.

On Wednesday, in Upper Merion, PA (outside of Philadelphia) another act of union brutality took place when several (presumably) union thugs used baseball bats to beat some construction workers who, in the union’s eyes, were guilty of being non-union.

Police say the incident began Wednesday morning when non-union construction workers attempted to gain access to the new Toys R Us site, but were blocked by protesting union workers.

When the victims were unable to gain access to the construction site, they drove to the area of the Transportation Center in the King of Prussia Plaza lot to wait for police assistance.

Authorities say while waiting for police to arrive, a black sedan pulled up and several white males exited with baseball bats and shattered both rear windows of the two work trucks. As the victims exited the trucks in fear, police say at least two were physically assaulted with the baseball bats. One of the victims was taken to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania for treatment.

According to Upper Merion Twp. Police Lt. James Early, even though there had been other incidents at the site, this is the first time it has gotten violent.

So, here we have workers who were were doing nothing more than going to work to earn a paycheck to feed their families.  Their “crime?” They didn’t belong to the gang union.   As they were confronted by the union thugs, they left and called police.  While they were awaiting the police, they were followed and beaten.

As stated above, this latest incident of union violence is hardly isolated.  During the Teamster strike against Overnite Transportation (1999-2002), there were hundreds of reports of violence (including a reported 55 shootings),  In fact, the Teamsters, in order to settle the charges with the National Labor Relations Board were required to post this four-page notice at their union halls stating that they would not engage in the violent acts described, which included…

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As Democrats continue their campaign to discriminate and demonize those who do not share their pro-union bigotries, Americans may only be seeing the tip of the iceberg as we float into much darker waters.

“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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