Union-Backed Democrat Urges an End to Right-to-Work States

Elections have consequences.

In 28 states across the U.S., unionized workers can be forced to pay union dues or fees as a condition of employment. If workers refuse to pay the union, the union can order them to be fired from their jobs.

However, since 1947, the so-called Taft-Hartley Amendments to the National Labor Relations Act (passed over Pres. Harry Truman’s veto) enabled state legislatures to enact “Right-to-Work” laws which outlaw forced unionism. Currently, there are 22 “right-to-work” states…Unless Congressman Brad Sherman gets his way

It’s not the first time he’s pushed it.  In 2008, he actually introduced a bill that went nowhere.  However, this time union-bought backed Democrat Congressman Brad Sherman’s effort to end Right-to-Work laws must be take a little more seriously.

On Monday, Rep. Sherman sent a letter to colleagues encouraging them to join his efforts to force workers to pay union dues by ending Right-to-Work laws.


With nearly $700,000 pumped into his campaign coffers over his career by Big Labor (12 out of his top 20 contributors are unions), there’s little wonder why the California Congressman would want to reward his backers.  After all, California, (with all its fiscal issues) owes a lot to its unions.

Note: California is not a right to work state but its neighbors Arizona and Nevada are.

Contributor ↓ Total ↓ Indivs ↓ PACs ↓
Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $75,000 $0 $75,000
American Assn for Justice $73,000 $0 $73,000
Credit Union National Assn $71,819 $6,250 $65,569
Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union $71,500 $0 $71,500
Teamsters Union $68,000 $0 $68,000
National Assn of Realtors $67,750 $1,000 $66,750
Carpenters & Joiners Union $67,500 $0 $67,500
United Auto Workers $66,000 $0 $66,000
American Institute of CPAs $62,500 $0 $62,500
American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic Employees $59,000 $0 $59,000
Operating Engineers Union $58,000 $0 $58,000
Laborers Union $55,000 $0 $55,000
United Food & Commercial Workers Union $52,500 $0 $52,500
Time Warner $51,400 $38,900 $12,500
Specialty Merchandise Corp $48,200 $48,200 $0
American Federation of Teachers $44,031 $0 $44,031
Grobstein, Horwath & Co $43,533 $43,533 $0
Deloitte & Touche $41,750 $750 $41,000
National Education Assn $40,000 $0 $40,000
Service Employees International Union $37,200 $0 $37,200
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If Sherman and his colleagues succeed in getting a bill passed that ends workers’ right to work, President Obama would likely sign it and millions of Americans could be forced to pay a union or be fired if they become unionized.

This is why….

Elections have consequences

Get out and vote in November.

hat-tip: Alliance for Worker Freedom
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