Are America's intellectuals are being bought off by Big Labor?

As the AFL-CIO targets America’s youth this week, it’s long been known that America’s institutions of higher learning have been hijacked by the left.  While the common belief is that America’s colleges and universities have succumbed to ideologues, the sad irony is that the “ideologues” may also be closet capitalists without their even realizing it.

A friend forwarded Liberty Chick’s post on Big Journalism and, as you digest this story, you’ll probably feel your blood pressure rise.

Here’s the summary:  Academicians are being bought to influence public opinion, advance alternative interests, and silence opposition.

A small committee of professors and academic professionals, normally held in high regard, have blatantly betrayed the trust of the public and quite possibly smeared the reputations of all colleges and universities nationwide.  By soliciting “paid activists” to create research papers that are intentionally designed to silence opposing viewpoints, they have undermined the political system and manipulated the governmental policy making process.  And in the meantime, they’ve also implicated all of academia in the manufacturing of their propaganda.

Last year, Liberty Chick also exposed the SEIU’s scheme to use academia to advance its interests:

“Where would stronger connections between industry scholars and SEIU help advance interests of both scholars and SEIU?” is a question that session participants are asked to consider. TRANSLATED: Influence public opinion through colleges, universities, research panels and think tanks. The outcome of this study from the Rutgers Center for Women and Work for example, enabled SEIU to try and claim that public school food service workers influence the health of our students, implying that outsourcing the function is bad (and hiring union workers is socially responsible)…

With America’s intellectuals behaving like cheap prostitutes for the Left-wing unions, it does make one wonder why tuition prices are so high.

Check out Liberty Chick’s post here.  It will leave you shaking your head in disgust.


Socialism is not a movement of the people. It is a movement of the intellectuals, originated, led and controlled by the intellectuals, carried by them out of their stuffy ivory towers into those bloody fields of practice where they unite with their allies and executors: the thugs. — Ayn Rand

“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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