SEIU's Assault on Arizona: Purple-people eaters launches Arizona Travel Advisory Hotline (in ENGLISH ONLY)

As part of its continued campaign of flipping the bird flouting America’s immigration laws (including Arizona’s new SB 1070), the SEIU launched a new faux-Arizona Travel Advisory Hotline earlier today.

Even though it’s part of the SEIU’s ongoing campaign of Amnesty for Illegals, it really is sort of a clever waste of money.

If you call the number (888-958-5068), you will hear a woman’s voice state the following:

OPERATOR: Thank you for calling the Arizona travel advisory hotline. If you’re planning a trip to Arizona, beware of an important travel warning. An overly stringent law on immigration has made it difficult for anyone who looks even remotely suspicious, resulting in detainment. Please check the following options to understand the implications of your actions. And remember to carry your citizenship and immigration papers at all times.

If you plan to wear jeans, press 1. If your skin is even remotely tanned, yellow, brown or blue in hue, press 2. If you tend to eat fast foods, drink bright colored juices or eat fresh vegetables in lieu of meat products, press 3.

If 1: Jeans are worn by many working people targeted by the new Arizona immigration law. Please wear slacks or khakis to avoid appearing suspicious. For more information, please press 4.

If 2: Working people come in many shapes and sizes, but anyone who doesn’t resemble a J. Crew or Ralph Lauren model, should be very, very careful. Consider wearing conservative or preppy clothing to avoid getting noticed. For more information, please press 4.

If 3: Many working people targeted by the new immigration Arizona immigration law eat fast foods and drink bright colored juices. Avoid these foods while traveling in Arizona to avoid undue attention from law enforcement officials. For more information, please press4

If 4: To learn more about this Arizona campaign visit www (dot) it stops in Arizona (dot) com. Or press 1 from your cell phone to receive text message updates about Arizona travel warnings, boycotts and other breaking news on immigration reform. SEIU will never charge for these alerts but your carrier’s message and data rates may apply.

The only problem with the SEIU’s newest assault on Arizona is that it is in English only. There’s is no “press one for English, two for Spanish, etc.” This makes the SEIU’s effort a complete waste of time and money and…worse…seems rather…racist.

[Tsk, tsk! ]

“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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