Has Bill Clinton finally doomed Hillary's POTUS chances?

If the allegations about Flowers, Jones, Stone, Streisand and countless others didn’t destroy their dynasty…

If fellatio in the Oval Office and an infamous blue dress didn’t ruin it for her…

Perhaps, this time…this time, Bill Clinton has finally gone too far with another woman and, as a result, ended it for Hillary.

No, he didn’t try out a new brand of cigars with her, but his championing of soon-to-be replaced Sen. Blanche Lincoln has broached the truly unforgivable—alienated the one group Hillary Clinton will need in 2012 2016 if she is ever going to become President of the United States…

Union bosses.

Bill Clinton’s message to Democrats here Friday about their heated two-way U.S. Senate battle was a simple one: a vote for incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln is a vote rank-and-file Arkansans, while a vote for Lt. Governor Bill Halter is a vote for outside labor unions and liberal activist groups.

Don’t be fooled, Clinton told the gathering of about 300 at Philander Smith College. The big, national unions supporting Halter are “using you and manipulating your vote,” he said.


Clinton held up a copy of a Washington Post article and quoted from it about how national unions want to make Lincoln a poster child for “what happens when a Democrat crosses us.” The former president argued that the unions nationalized what should be an Arkansas-focused Senate race.

This has the AFL-CIO tobacco-spittin’ mad.

Bill Clinton and Blanche Lincoln took us in the wrong direction when they supported NAFTA,” said spokesman Eddie Vale in an email to reporters. “They sent thousands of Arkansas jobs to Mexico and Canada, and yet they’re still bragging about their support of the job-killing deal. When it comes to protecting and creating jobs in Arkansas, they just don’t get it.”

Since no Democrat can move up the democratic food chain these days without kissing the pinky rings of the big union bosses and since crossing them (as Blanche Lincoln has in her opposition to the Employee Free FORCED Choice Act) is considered a mortal sin, Bill’s blasphemous bashing of the lords of labor will not be without recrimination and reprisal.

BUT, since Bubba is no longer running for office and since unions do not (typically) target children, he and Chelsea are probably off limits.  This leaves Hillary to (once again) pay the price for Bill’s transgressions and, since unions have long memories, that probably won’t happen until 2016.

“I may not have been the greatest president, but I’ve had the most fun eight years.”Bill Clinton

“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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