SEIU's Anna Burger Bows Out of Bid to Replace Andy Stern

Departing union boss Andy Stern’s hand-picked successor Anna Burger has dropped her bid to replace her purple partner as president of the SEIU, making the uncontested Mary Kay Henry the all-but-certain next International President of the purple behemoth known as the Service Employees International Union.

Anna Burger, the union’s secretary-treasurer, stated in a letter to the union’s executive board that she would support the election of Mary Kay Henry. Henry, the head of the union’s health care division, has amassed a string of endorsements from key locals and union officials in the two weeks since Stern announced his retirement. Burger said she would stay on as secretary-treasurer, the union’s number-two slot.

“Mary Kay Henry and I have been close allies for years, and we share the same goals for our union and for the larger labor movement. We have worked side-by-side on many initiatives over the years, and I wish her only the best as President of SEIU,” Burger wrote. “We women have a special knack for putting our egos aside and keeping our eye on the bigger picture and the common good. [Emphasis added.]

So, with Burger still in a power position with both the SEIU and the White House, our guess is, the SEIU will likely maintain its unfettered access to the oval office, while making re-unification with the AFL-CIO more difficult.

Stay tuned to our blog updates, as this just keeps getting more and more intriguing.


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