Tribal Conflict: A union fights its own over fresh meat

Somewhere on the high desert of Kingman, Arizona, a tasty meal work awaits the victors of this battle.

Members of Local 383 out of Phoenix staged a protest outside of the Laborers International Union of North America meeting in front of the Elk’s Lodge on Gates Avenue Monday afternoon.

“It’s our state, it’s our local union,” they chanted.

Arizona-based Local 383 of the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) is suing its parent union for turning its jurisdiction over to Nevada-based Local 872 as “punishment” for failing to police its own territory.

Local 383 has been part of LIUNA since its inception in 1927, and has always had the entire state of Arizona as its territory, the suit says. The taking of Mohave County was punishment for an internal union squabble, it seems:

LIUNA has charged Local 383 with, among other things, failing to police Mojave County, and LIUNA now seeks to remove Mojave County from Local 383 as disciplinary action in response to the alleged failure to police the territory.

Local 383’s members are entitled to a full and fair hearing before disciplinary action is taken against them.

LIUNA scheduled a hearing only after its General President had preliminarily decided to take disciplinary action.

We’re not sure what the Local 383 means by the word “police” here — we’re imagining something along the lines of Gangs of New York, but that’s probably not right….

Gangs of New York? No.  Actually, it is much, much more basic than that…


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