Halt the Assault on Small Business

We wanted to turn you on to a new website that was just launched to support small business called Halt the Assault on Small Business. Though we heard about this last night, we just got the official e-mail announcement a moment ago:

The Halt the Assault campaign is funded by ABC’s Free Enterprise Alliance and will focus on the issues affecting not just ABC member companies, but small businesses across the country. The target audience is you, the employees of your ABC member companies and the general public.

Recent Rasmussen and Free Enterprise Alliance polls show that small business owners are the most respected profession in America.  Small business owners receive a 90% favorability rating, while in contrast, members of Congress, bureaucrats and union bosses and CEO’s of large corporations are well below 40%. Since the vast majority of ABC member companies are considered small businesses, it only makes sense for us to seize upon this opportunity and make our voice heard on these very important issues.

The campaign will focus on three important themes: jobs, the economy and how intrusive government regulations stymie growth in those areas. The health care debate, and our opposition to the current law, will be a major topic throughout the campaign. Just a few of the tools HaltTheAssault.com will include are daily blog posts, links to relevant news stories, issue pages and an opportunity for you to submit your story about how these hurdles have affected your company. For those that choose to sign up, they will also receive a weekly newsletter that highlights the most important news from that week. A political component will also be added later this spring in preparation for the November elections.

As small business is what fuels America’s economy, and America’s free enterprise system is under attack like never before, we hope you check it out.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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