ObamaCosts...Still adding it all up

If President Obama’s health care dictate has you feeling a little queasy, you’re not alone.

As the costs of ObamaCare to companies continue to mount, there is just no other way to do this other than to keep updating this post.

So far, (barely a week in) here is the running tally of ObamaCosts:

In Dollars…

  1. Caterpillar: $100 Million
  2. John Deere: $150 Million
  3. AT&T: $1 Billion
  4. 3M: $85 to $90 Million
  5. Valero Energy: $15 to $20 Million
  6. AK Steel: $31 Million
  7. Verizon: $500 Million
  8. Prudential: $100 Million
  9. Illinois Tool Works $22 Million
  10. Honeywell: $13 Million
  11. Allegheny Technologies: $5 Million
  12. Goodrich: $10 Million
  13. Verizon: $970 Million
  14. Boeing: $150 Million
  15. Lockheed Martin Corp: $96 Million
  16. Exelon Corp: $65 Million
  17. Eaton Corp: $25 Million

RUNNING TOTAL: $3,327,000,000

    Announced Jobs Cuts (so far):
    1. Medtronic 1,000

    Officials at Fort Smith-based Baldor Electric Co. also have not determined the financial impact of the new bill, although they anticipate it will add costs for the company.

    “We do know, however, that the legislation which passed last week will have a negative effect on our overall health care costs. Health care costs for our company and our employees will increase next year as a result of the new provisions required by the law,” said Tracy Long, Baldor’s vice president-investor relations.

    And, of course, the administration doesn’t want you thinking about your job while listening to this.


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