Unions Miffed at Massa's Mess

In less than a month, Democrat Eric Massa has gone from relative obscurity to shock and speculation, then short-lived notoriety, and, finally, the ignominious FUBAR of what Democrat strategist Bob Shrum is calling a “human train wreck.”

It’s not a particularly good way to spend one’s 15 minutes of fame but, it is politics after all and, so often, pols’ careers end with a *SPLAT.*

Poor, unfortunate Democrat Eric Massa.  He’s been caught with his hands (reportedly) in on the proverbial staff cookie jar, forced to resign, which has led him to admit and deny the groping (read more about “Massa Massages” here), boast complain of a nude confrontation with Rahm Emmanuel, a White House conspiracy, a waste of Glenn Beck’s audience’s time and, now, he’s got his union donors to face.

Over the course of Massa’s short political career, unions have given the staff-groping pol $538,000 of their members’ money and they’re none too pleased at the waste.

“[P]eople say Washington politics is a freakshow, and Eric Massa is writing a whole new chapter,” said CNN senior political analyst David Gergen.

So, where does this leave Massa’s legion of bankrollers who supported him during times less lascivious?

Alternately disappointed and angry, with an undercurrent of bamboozlement.

Some say they believe Massa should consider donating or returning his remaining campaign funds, which through December totaled nearly $644,000. Others want no part of such discussion – or Massa himself.

Jim Spellane, media director for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, said his organization is experiencing some “buyer’s remorse” regarding its $34,500 in contributions to Massa.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC first decided to donate to Massa “in consultation with the local level” of its organization, Spellane explained.

“The goal was to elect those who supported the issues of working people,” he said.  But Spellane declined to comment on whether he believes Massa should refund that money – the largest total contribution to the embattled politico by any single PAC.

Other PACs and organizations that had once supported Massa with five- and six-figure donations are completely disinclined to now discuss their association with him.

“We have no comment on any of that,” said Paul Doell of the American Maritime Officers PAC, which has donated $10,000 to Massa this election cycle.

It just goes to show when you cross paths with a human train wreck, there’s bound to be carnage.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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