Union Hypocrisy 101: Do as AFSCME Bosses Say, Not as They Do

First some background:

  1. Union bosses have spent HUNDREDS of MILLIONS (dare we say over a billion?) of dollars over these past few years trying to get the hallucinogencially-named Employee Free Choice Act enacted.
  2. One of the hallmark provisions of EFCA is what is known as “card-check.” Card-check means that if 50%+1 of a given unit of employees sign union authorization cards, the union wins without a secret-ballot election.
  3. Union bosses have misled, they have rallied, they have retaliated against those who do not agree, and they have threatened to “unelect” politicians who do not fall lock step with their agenda.
  4. Again, the Employee Free FORCED Choice Act has been union bosses’ number one legislative goal for several years…their TOP legislative goal…

Given the above, one would think that a union boss would be happy thrilled to hear that his own union’s  workers signed union authorization cards and want to unionize…right? Further, one would think that said union boss would readily recognize his workers’ union using the card check method…right? After all, the ends do justify the means and with all the money that has been spent, the politicians that have been bought, the lies that have been told, card-check is good…right?

Well, check out this little story of union hypocrisy, courtesy of Philadelphia AFSCME boss Henry Nicholas:

In about a month, 20 secretaries, clerks, and administrators – all employees of one of the city’s most storied unions – will participate in a National Labor Relations Board election to decide whether they want to be represented by a union themselves.

Ironically, their employer, longtime labor leader Henry Nicholas, declined to recognize the bargaining unit when he was presented with signed petition cards from a majority of the workers.

Nicholas is a staunch supporter of a proposed federal law known as “card check,” which would allow unions to organize workplaces without a separate election if a majority of workers sign cards requesting representation.

The Labor Relations Board has scheduled an April 2 election for the employees of District 1199C of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).

Organizer John Hundzynski said “all the employees” in the office signed cards, declining to comment further. Hundzynski is a union organizer for District 1199C, usually trying to sign up nurses and other health-care workers. The Philadelphia union has 11,000 members, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Before Hundzynski asked Nicholas to recognize the union based on the signed cards, Hundzynski “had already asked for an election,” said Nicholas, who heads District 1199C.

“I’m not going to campaign against him. I’m not going to give out handbills. I’m not going to hold meetings,” Nicholas said. “If he wins, I’m ready to bargain expeditiously.”

Nicholas said the two disagreed Friday over whether the union’s bookkeeper should be included in the proposed bargaining unit.

When Hundzynski lost that battle, Nicholas said, he countered by proposing the card-check provision and threatened to go public if Nicholas did not agree. [Emphasis added.]

Read the rest here

Well, Henry, now it’s public and now we know, you’re just another union hypocrite.

Card-check for thee, but not me…Right, Henry?


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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