Organize or Die: On Jan. 20th, Tea Partiers Plan to "Strike" Leftist Corporations

In the category of two can play that game, Tea Party Patriots organizers are planning a January 20th “strike” against leftist corporations.

According to CBS News:

As the one-year anniversary of President Obama’s inauguration nears, the Tea Party movement is planning a “strike” against corporations they call responsible for “funding socialism” and “backing the leftist agenda” of the new president.

Liberal politicians benefit from “large donors, labor union thugs, Hollywood elites and major media propagating our destruction,” contends strike organizer Allen Hardage at the Tea Party Patriots web site.


The strike has gained some interest online, where more than 4,000 people have shown their support for the event on Facebook and other sites. If the strike proves ineffective, according to Hardage, the tea partiers will hold a march on Feb. 27, as well as a national boycott “of all of the companies that do not stop donating to people like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd et al.” 

On the Tea Party Patriots website, a Dec. 23rd post states: 

We already have nearly 3,000 people signed up on the facebook page and this Ning.com website with 2,000 more on twitter. We have received commitments of support from the national movement as well. January 20, 2010 will be the day the TEA Party movement moves into the next phase, TEA 2.0, of taking our country back and you are a vital part of that. I am honored to stand with you.

While this Saul Alinsky-inspired tactic is interesting (to the say the least), in order for a “strike” of this magnitude to be successful, there will have to be more than a mere five or ten thousand spread across the country at multiple targets. 

Nevertheless, combining a “strike” with the second part, the Feb. 27th boycott (if broad enough), may have the desired effect of causing certain companies to reconsider their jumping into bed with liberty-destroying politicians.

And, if you cut off the money from corporate donations, with certain unions like the SEIU already running into the red, a purple stain might just  appear on the lavender trousers of SEIU’s boss Andy Stern and his political puppets. 

So, as they say in the union movement: Organize or Die!

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