Starbucks' Union Problems: The Commies Come to Texas

“The working class and the employing class have nothing in common.” 

Preamble to the IWW Constitution

For the last several years, a 100-year old communist Marxist union known as the “Wobblies” (formally known as the Industrial Workers of the World) has been targeting coffee giant Starbucks.

  • If you’ve ever hear the term “Workers of the World Unite!”…that’s the Wobblies.

Since the Wobblies have targeted Starbucks, the union has done anti-Starbucks rallies and demonstrations in traditionally liberal cities as Madison, New York and San Francisco…until this week, that is.

The Wobblies have made their way down to the Lone Star state and now are claiming to have unionized Starbucks’ baristas in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth, TX- Baristas and community supporters at the 8th and Rosedale Starbucks shut down the store’s drive-thru this morning and delivered a list of demands including affordable health care options and sick days for those displaying H1N1 or other cold and flu symptoms.

The protesting baristas are members of the Starbucks Workers Union, which is an international campaign of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) labor union. The store action makes the 8th and Rosedale location the first Starbucks in Texas to have a public union presence.

Hmmm.  Communists Marxists in Texas?  That sounds rather oxy-moronic.

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