UPDATE: Forget the Senate, the SEIU is Pulling Out...[Sort of...]

UPDATE 12/17:

Andy Stern isn’t dumping the Senate health care bill entirely.  Instead, he’s pushing it to go to conference with the House bill in the hopes that something “better” comes of it.

SEIU President Andy Stern said Thursday it’s time for a vote on the legislation.

“We’re for putting the bill into conference,” Stern said in a teleconference call. “We don’t like the bill. It has to be improved. But we don’t think that these senators are going to do any better.”

The Lavender-lapeled lord of labor is hopeful that the public option or, better yet (from his point of view) single-payer will be what comes out of Conference with the House.

But the SEIU is hopeful that any final bill would do more than the Senate measure to make insurance plans more affordable; the House bill includes more generous subsidies.

Nevertheless, Stern predicted that Obama would back liberal demands during the conference process. “We know where the president has stood. He’s been consistent,” he said.  [Emphasis added.]

Read the rest from The Hill here.


From yesterday:

Forget the dance among Dems right now, there’s a bigger signal that Harry Reid’s bill in the Senate may be D-E-A-D…Specifically, the Union of Purple People Eaters (otherwise known as the SEIU) is sending a more powerful signal that the Harry Reid’s bill is toast:

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) backed out of an event with other organizations promoting the Senate healthcare reform bill Wednesday over concerns about changes made to the legislation to accommodate centrist Democrats.

The SEIU had planned to participate in a Capitol Hill press conference along with the AARP, the liberal advocacy group Families USA, Consumers Union and the American Cancer Society Action Network. As recently as Tuesday morning, the organizations distributed an advisory to the news media that included the SEIU.

The SEIU executive board will hold what Lodes described as an “emergency” meeting Wednesday night to decide how to move forward. “Right now, they don’t have the information they need to make this decision,” said Lodes, who added that the SEIU informed the other organizations on Tuesday they would not be joining the press conference.

Since the SEIU (primarily) controls most of the DNC, this may be the most powerful signal so far that Obamacare is dead.

As cockroaches hate the light, we encourage the reading of the bill (and its amendments) to continue ad nauseum.


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