Time to Shut the Door on the Cable Guy...

A fleeting thought this morning:  Since Comcast is buying NBC, perhaps the peacock will regain some of its journalistic integrity.

Then, while posting on the faux jobs summit attendees, this flashed across the screen:

The chairman of Comcast endorsed the Senate health care bill in a letter Thursday to President Barack Obama, saying, “We cannot allow perfection to stand in the way of critically needed and very good legislation.”

“While there has been much controversy and debate over hundreds of provisions and alternatives, it is my view that the current legislation pending in the Senate provides a workable framework for this country to take an important step toward enhancing health care accessibility, promoting operational efficiencies and technological innovation, and reducing the cost of health care and the federal deficit,” CEO and Chairman Brian Roberts wrote.

Roberts said he intended to make his statement in person Thursday at the White House jobs summit but could not make it because of his company’s $30 billion merger announcement with NBC Universal. 

Roberts’ letter ends with the promise: “Comcast ready to assist you and this nation in the effort to enact sensible health reform.”

Somewhere there’s an angle to be had…favorable FCC or DOJ treatment? 

Maybe not, but Roberts never appeared to be in the bag for Obama either.

Gotta go now.  Doing DISHes…Satellite that is.

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