'To the winner go the spoils'... [More on the OFA Onslaught...]

As a follow-up to Thursday’s post regarding the OFA (Obama’s Juggernaught), Politico has more on the topic:

The Democratic National Committee, often relatively inactive in the year after a presidential election, is ramping up its hiring and aggressively broadening its mission under the direction of Obama campaign veterans intent on applying the lessons of 2008 to races in 2010 and 2012…

Financed in part by money left over from Obama’s record-breaking fund-raising operation, the DNC has built a staff of about 380 employees across the country – a hiring pace that puts it on track to far surpass the staffs assembled by Kaine’s predecessors.

The lion’s share of the hiring is to support a new organizing project called Organizing for America (echoing the name of his presidential campaign, Obama for America) created within the committee to perpetuate the grassroots mobilization that played a key role in Obama’s capture of the White House. The project acts as the custodian for the campaign’s 13-million email address list.

Paul Begala, who became a DNC consultant after helping guide Bill Clinton to victory in the 1992 presidential campaign, said Obama has earned the right to remake the DNC in his image. “Yes, this is an Obama-centered DNC,” he said, “but it ought to be. To the winner goes the spoils.”

And an interesting revelation…

Team Obama even installed its own lawyer at the DNC, replacing longtime general counsel Joe Sandler with Bob Bauer, an Obama insider who is married to White House communications director Anita Dunn, another participant in the weekly political meeting. Bauer’s firm has pulled in $306,000 in legal fees from the DNC this year.

Read the rest of Politico’s article here and Thursday’s LUR post here for a broader picture.

As former union organizers and people accustomed to the tactics of the left, we’re posting these as (hopefully) a wake-up call.  We saw this beginning (to a lesser degree) in 2002, starting to take shape in 2004 and really kick in to high gear in 2005 (for 2006).  [Obviously, we all know what happened in ’08.]

These are professional organizers, they know that they face an uphill battle in 2010, so they are preparing for it now.  They are likely testing and adopting their mid-term themes through the various battles going on right now:

  • Obstructionist, fringe, etc.
  • Mopping up the mess
  • Standing in the way of change…
  • Blah, blah, blah 

Perhaps, unlike 2008, people will be more ‘hip’ to the spin and hype coming from these propagandists?