You'll Learn to Like It.

You’ll learn to like it. That’s the sentiment from the Democrats in regards to the newly passed health care reform. You’ll learn to like it. You may not like it now, but don’t worry. President Obama will be traveling the country, selling this newfound boondoggle to all the rubes and troglodytes who are trying to bitterly cling to their current health insurance. After all, our morals require this.


So you’ll learn to like it. Maybe you’ll even love it. Or learn to, at least. After all, many events occur in the lives of people – events we usually resist, at first – with which we later tolerate. Children are forced to go to school. Men and women and forced into arranged marriages the world over. Loved ones die. After grieving over our sudden conditions, we find the strength to tolerate and, in most cases, even learn to like these new situations.


You’ll learn to like it.


Such is the state of our politics. Such is the state of our nation under Democratic leadership. We’ve been bullied and talked at by our leaders in a vain attempt to sell a product that most Americans didn’t want to purchase (i.e. the reform bill). We’ve been lectured that the only way to know the absolute awesomeness of health care reform was to shut up and let Congress do whatever they please. The Democrats, their advisors, the pundits and all the people who made it their mission to go out and sell this garbage tried to explain away their poor polling with the claims that once the bill passed, Americans would accept it and know the good it will do.


Of course this prognostication proved incorrect. The polls show no real bounce in support. And now, with this prediction proving incorrect the Democrats are hoping the American people will deal with health care reform as one would deal with any loss: the five stages of grief. Currently we’re in denial. Eventually, we’ll learn to like it.


But I have some bad news for them. This incalculable loss of liberty will not end with bargaining and acceptance. It will only end in the replacement of every Democrat in office with someone who believes in the Constitution on which this great republican was built. It will only end in repeal.


Let me be clear. I will not learn to like it.


I am not a man of means or of power. I do not have the ability to challenge this on my own. But I am a man free in thought and feeling. I am a man who has found his voice. I am a man who sat idly by for years, listening silently as those on the left tried to destroy everything that has ever had meaning in this country. For a long time I did not realize the true implications of what had been given to me and my fellow man by the bravery of our founding fathers. I recognize now the greatness of everything I’ve been given and – where once I would have quietly suffered the indignation that comes from living in the heart of liberalism – I will stand up for the freedoms that we have been given, the freedoms that have been earned from the throwing off of shackles.


I will not learn to like it, nor will I let anyone around me learn to like it.


Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, “and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” I will make it my goal to see that mankind, in the form of those around me, those who can hear my voice, will not be more disposed to suffer just because this madness is sufferable.


Many people do nothing because they believe that one man cannot institute a change. History has shown, however, that many men acting with a common goal can correct a dangerous course. And while I may not be a man of means or power, those who wish to “rule the people” will come to realize that millions of us, using nothing but our voices, hearts and ballots, will find the means to right this ship called America.


We will not learn to like it.