Why couldn't they be creative, and come up with a name like Apple, Kal-El or Moon Unit?

As someone who went to school in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, this story intrigued me. Very sad and psychologically scarring for the poor child. Maybe licenses should be required for people to be parents.

The sad case of a boy names Adolf

Seriously, for these people to believe that their child will have a normal life, they must be absolutely oblivious.

Update: Some commentary.

I think that this sort of problem is indicative of a level of ignorance possessed by many people. I don’t say that to sound mean or offensive to anyone who happens to have given their child a strange name. But it is a problem that people need to think about before naming or raising their children. Parents have a great responsibility, and the decisions that they make determine who their children end up being.

Children face enough problems simply on the basis of being children, that it’s unfair and, in a sense, abusive to behave in such a way. I don’t advocate that the state should take this child away based solely on a name. But other aspects of the article, such as the preponderance of Nazi paraphenalia in the house is cause for concern. Even still, I would not necessarily claim that the children should be taken away because their parents may be bigots.

It’s just a shame that this poor child will likely have to suffer much of his life for such an unnecessary reason.