Why Don't They Ban Thanksgiving As Well?

From Junkfood Science:

“The more we look to the government to protect us, the more freedoms we lose,” said one resident. This became a reality today when government health officials went after an 84-year old tradition and told the nuns at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that their church dinner of homemade posole, tamales and biscochitos was against the law. Every December 14th, after the Our Lady of Guadalupe procession, church ladies have served traditional posole and biscochitos for parishioners and the public. The Environment Health Department, however, determined the potluck was a threat to public safety and a violation of the city’s food ordinance.

The problem here is that government bureaucrats, working on the taxpayer’s dime, have nothing better to do than try to impose their own sense of morality upon the people. They’re bullies, plain and simple.

Why don’t they just ban Thanksgiving as well?

After all, it’s a day where people who don’t have licenses to serve food have people come over to their houses. By their logic, this should be a perfectly acceptable thing to do. I was at the store the other day, and saw a woman purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of Thanksgiving food. I cam to find out that she was planning to cook a meal for 20 families of local college students. Clearly she should be forced to shut down her operation as well, under this same reasoning.

The EHD authority also says,

“It’s no different from homemade cupcakes and cookies, nachos and popcorn no longer being allowed in schools because they might put children at risk of foodborne illnesses.”

But this reasoning fails. What if someone brings in store bought cookies or cupcakes? And popcorn? Utter nonsense.

The fact is that supposedly well meaning bureaucrats only institute such rules so that they can control what children eat, in some vain attempt to fight obesity.

Any government that decides to take away a community’s right to assemble and enjoy each others’ company is a government that needs serious re-examination.