Catching the Swing States

It’s important to maximize our presence and influence in the swing states as there are only 7 days until the elections. We must utilize our resources and encourage voters to volunteer and catch the swing voters. It has now come down to six states, including: Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. These states are the deciding factors of our future. Let’s analyze each state that will be important in the upcoming election.

First off let’s analyze Colorado. There isn’t much to say, but Colorado is an emerging battle ground. The polls show that Mitt Romney is up by one percent. Romney can pick up Colorado if  the volunteers hit the phones and make it to the doors before the voters vote. Colorado is solely dependent on the luck of the draw.

Let’s take a look at Iowa. Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have TV adds running in Iowa, and this afternoon, Mitt will make his last stop in Iowa. His rally today, could decide whether Iowa leans republican or democrat this election. While there is a very close battle in Iowa between Governor Romney and the President, Romney has a chance to make his point clear to the citizens today.

In Minnesota, we also find a very close race. While Minnesota isn’t a state that is necessary for the republican party, it would be a beneficial state to pick up. The Washington Post  reported that the state now “leans” toward Obama rather than “solid Obama”.

Over in Ohio, it seems that Obama has taken the lead and left Wisconsin to become the new Ohio. But, Mitt still a chance in Ohio. The polls have shown a 49/49 split. While Rasmussen Reports that Romney has a two percent lead, Gravis finds that Obama holds a one point lead. We can’t rely on the polls in Ohio. Rallies and volunteering will be the deciding factor of Ohio.

In Pennsylvania, polls have shown significant data that Obama holds a four point lead.  Romney still holds onto Pennsylvania. We can’t rely on the polls solely though, because Pennsylvania has had a diverse voting history.

Sixth and finally we have Wisconsin. Over the past week, Wisconsin has become the new Ohio. Not too much has happened, besides the polls showing that Obama holds a two point lead. Check out what Wisconsin student, Benji Backer is doing in Wisconsin. If Wisconsin citizens take action, like Backer, Romney could win the state.

I’d encourage you to go out and get evolved in your community as we approach the election. The candidate that wins this election will win because people like you went out and helped campaign for them. We are deciding the future for America in the next week.