Kerry Bentivolio (R-Cand MI-11) is a Ronulon

After McCotter (R-MI11) made a serious mess of the this congressional district race, I was initially pleasantly surprised to find RedState endorsing his little known opponent in the primary. I was surprised that someone had already been challenging even before the whole mess with invalid petition signatures. While McCotter hasn’t been perfect, he has been fairly popular in the district. He has a decently conservative voting record and did sign up for the earmark ban. While we could do better, he was hardly a RINO. However the RedState endorsement did state that the primary challenger, Kerry Bentivolio, was a Tea Party guy looking to take on the establishment. All of that sounded good until I dug a little deeper.

Turns out that Kerry Bentivolio is a hard core Ronulon. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, he is a strong supporter of Ron Paul. In fact, according to Conservatives4Congress, Bentivolio was lobbying to be a Ron Paul delegate at the 2012 GOP Convention. The Washington Times reports that he is not just a casual fan of Paul, but he supports, “… especially the Texas congressman’s ideas on closing overseas American military bases.”
And more disturbing, here are Bentivolio’s foreign policy positions according to Young Americans for Liberty:
Believes only Congress can declare war
Opposes War in Iraq
Opposes War in Afghanistan
Opposed Obama’s intervention in Libya
Opposes Nation Building
Supports a non-interventionist foreign policy that puts America first

Some of those positions sound good on the surface, but for others, like the last one, the details matter. For example, I would be very interested in what is his opinion on U.S. support of Israel as well as what he thinks of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It is interesting that there are no foreign policies issues listed on Bentivolio’s website nor any mention of Ron Paul.

Like his idol, Ron Paul, Bentivolio has lots of good position, at least on paper. But do we really need more Ron Paul groupies in the House? I cannot, in good conscience, vote for the guy. I hope we get a decent placeholder and get another try at this seat in 2014.