A commercial I would like to see: the money circle scheme

Scene: a young man dressed in casual but nice clothing standing on a somewhat busy street corner. He is approached by a middle-aged man in a suit.

Middle-aged man: “Would you like $10 no strings attached?”

Young man, looking somewhat puzzled: “I guess so.”

The middle-aged man stops a well-dressed middle-aged woman walking by and starts rummaging through her purse.

Middle-aged woman: “Hey, what are you doing?”

Middle-age man: “Don’t worry. I’m from the federal government.”

He finds her billfold, opens it, and takes out $11. He hands $10 to the young man, and pockets $1.

Young man: “Thanks.”

Middle-aged woman: “What about me?”

Middle-aged man: “I’ve got it covered.”

He stops an elderly gentleman walking by and takes the billfold from his jacket. Again he removes $11 from it, gives the woman $10, and pockets $1.

Elderly man: “Hey, what about me?”

The middle-aged man continues this process with a variety of people walking by as this scene shifts into the background. Across the street, the camera focuses on a GOP candidate (or spokesperson) who turns from watching the scene and speaks to the camera.

Candidate: “Seems kind of silly, doesn’t it. Yet this is exactly the scheme that my opponent and his liberal allies proposed with federal government spending and the so-called stimulus. They claim to give you money or create jobs, but what you don’t show are the jobs and money they are taking away from others. It is even worse than that, though. Every time money is funneled through Washington, the bureaucrats take their cut. That is even more money and jobs that we lose.”

Camera switches to a close up of the middle-aged man as he is counting his cut.  He looks up with shock in his eyes: “Don’t listen to that crazy person. He just wants to take away my … er … your money.”

Camera then pans out as the middle-aged man approaches the original young man who is admiring his $10. The middle-aged man grabs it and hands it to the last person he has taken from. He turns to the young man: “You owe me a dollar.”