Sotomayor, Kagan, and the 2nd Amendment

As Obama’s first nominee to the Supreme Court, Justice Sotomayor testified that the 2nd Amendment was an individual right for every citizen of the United States to bear arms.  In the most recent Supreme Court decision on the 2nd Amendment, she flip-flopped and tried to take away that right.  Sotomayor was confirmed by a vote of 68-31.  No Democrat Senator voted against her.  Here is a short list of those Democrats, in my opinion, who ought to be politically damaged by this situation:

  • Baucus MT
  • Bayh IN
  • Begich AK
  • Bennet CO
  • Casey PA
  • Conrad ND
  • Dorgan ND
  • Feingold WI
  • Franken MN
  • Hagan NC
  • Harkin IA
  • Johnson SD
  • Klobuchar MN
  • Kohl WI
  • Landrieu LA
  • Lincoln AR
  • McCaskill MO
  • Nelson NE
  • Pryor AR
  • Reid NV
  • Tester MT
  • Udall CO
  • Warner VA
  • Webb VA

There are probably others, but this is my quick read.  There are a few that are up for reelection this year.  Remember this come November and remind others before then.  In addition, those nine Republicans who voted for Sotomayor owe our country as well as our party an apology.  After the Sotomayor deception on the 2nd Amendment, there is no excuse for Republicans believing any of Kagan’s testimony.  There is no excuse for any Republican vote for Kagan.  Obama’s nominees cannot be trusted and Kagan has no legal record of supporting the 2nd Amendment.  When it comes time to vote on Kagan, Republican Senators need to remember the old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”