The Nelson Pariah Project

Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) is delusional.  He ran as a conservative pro-life Democrat because there is no way that the voters of Nebraska would have voted for any other type of Democrat.  He believes that the almost non-existent “pro-life” provision in the Senate health care bill will provide cover for him.  He is not fooling anybody.  The pro-life groups are not buying it at either the national or local level.  The Catholic bishops are not buying it either.  IMHO, the majority of Nebraska voters will not buy it either.

He thinks he can buy off the voters of Nebraska with federal dollars.  The majority know that he is trying to bribe them with other people’s money.  I cannot imagine that the majority are comfortable being exempted from taxes that will be leveled on the other 49 states.  They know theft when they see it.  This is simply too blatant.  Nebraska is not downtown Detroit.  What Nelson is trying to do with this money is nakedly unethical, immoral, and corrupt.

It would be a very interesting poll to see where the people of Nebraska stand on this bill, on Nelson’s deal, and especially on Nelson.  I don’t think it will be pretty.  I find it difficult to believe that Nelson thinks it is pretty.  The only way he believes that voting for this bill is good for him, his state, or his county is to be completely and totally delusional.

I hope that the Nebraska GOP is taking notes, capturing video, and preparing.  Of course, Nebraska has trended strongly Republican already, but, with what Nelson will soon be doing, the NE GOP should be able to insure that any Democrat couldn’t even be elected dog catcher.  Every Democratic candidate should have Nelson and his actions strung around their necks.  What are they going to say?  The standard GOP talking point to any Democratic promise should be, “Like Nelson’s promise to protect the unborn?”

The only way any Democrat would have any credibility would be to not just avoid Nelson but to actively attack him.  Either Nelson becomes a pariah in Nebraska, opposed by even his own party members, or the Nebraska Democratic Party is politically annihilated.  The local GOP has been given a prime opportunity.

Similar tactics may even work in a few of the other strongly conservative states currently represented in the Senate by Democrats.