Who are these people?

The latest Gallup daily tracking poll has President Obama at his lowest job approval rating, 50%. (I think it is among registered voters, not likely voters, but there is no info at the link.) Just as interesting is the weekly job approval by demographic chart comparing the last four full weeks.

Among the highlights, Obama gets slightly more approval from females than males, 54% to 50%, although both have trended down. With age groups his biggest approval is still from the youngest (18-29 year-olds) at 60%. The least approval is from the retired crowd (over 65) at a dismal 43%. The other two middle age groups are in the mid to low 50’s. There also hasn’t been much change in these groups over the last four weeks. There has been drops in both the old and young end. Healthcare is a bigger issue for the elderly. They are the ones feeling the aches and pains of life more. They are also the ones more likely to get sick. It takes a big chuck of their budget. This is not as big of a deal for the young who are generally more healthy and usually don’t worry about the costs. What are the Democrats thinking politically? Why in the world would they offset a major portion of healthcare reform funding by chopping medicare? Essentially they are taking from those who care about the issue and giving to those who care least.

There is also some interesting results in the regional data. It is probably not surprising that he has the least approval in the South at 46%. Midwest clocks in next at 52%. Keep in mind that this includes Obama’s home state of Illinois and bluish-purple states like Wisconsin and Minnesota. Those are probably offset by conservative bastions like Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakota’s. It is also not surprising that Obama gets 56% approval in the East. A bit surprising is the 57% approval in the West, although California is probably the 500 lbs gorilla here by more than offsetting the mountain states and Alaska. It would be interesting to see a state by state map of approval.

You can look at the rest of the data for yourself. I don’t see anything too terribly interesting in any of the rest. There is one piece of data that has always bothered me about these polls. Toward the bottom there is a breakdown of ratings by party id and ideology. The last entry is for conservative Republicans. Supposedly 11% of these creatures give Obama a favorable job approval. Who are these people? On the other end of the spectrum I can understand how 9% of liberal Democrats can disapprove of the job Obama is doing. No matter how liberal he is, there will always be people who want him to go farther. Conservative Democrats might place greater importance on party over ideology. Liberal Republicans might place more importance on ideology over party, but those 11% of conservative Republicans make no sense. Obama is the complete opposite of just about every thing they stand for. Even if they were duped into believing he was moderate, this is still different from their desires as supposedly conservative and Republican. Results like these make me question how reliable self-identification is for ideology. There are a lot of people out there who have no clue what these terms mean or where they stand.