Lugar says he will vote for two-faced judge (updated)

What is wrong with Republican Senators? Do they want to continue in the minority forever? The MSM has just reported that Luger (RINO-Ind) indicates he will vote for Sotomayor as a Supreme Court Justice. Listen up you idiot. The Democrats do not need a single Republican to place this lying piece of garbage on the Supreme Court. This is their excuse for a nominee. Let them own her. Have you learned nothing, NOTHING, from the previous extreme liberal activists that President Clinton nominated? Are you not able to read the polls? A plurality of voters oppose her. What is happening to our country? What is wrong with Republicans in the Senate? Lugar has just cut off at the knees all his colleagues who have been trying to make the case against Democrat activism on the courts.

I say it is time to let loose the dogs of political war against Lugar. We need to flood his email and phone lines. Maybe we can ship him those (playground) balls that we did a while back? He needs to know that rank and file Republicans are not happy.

[Update] Martinez (FL) and Snowe (ME) have also indicated they will vote for Sotomayor. Snowe is no surprise. (And Collins (ME) won’t be either, although there would be more pressure on them if the rest of the Republicans could stay in line.) Martinez is a disappointment, good riddance in 2010. Anyone hear how Crist and Rubio stand on Sotomayor?