A little more good news from Iraq

Despite all the best efforts of the Obama administration, Iraq continues to improve.  For the first time since the beginning of the Iraq war, coalition troop fatalities have dropped to single digitals over the course of a month.  We only lost 9 soldiers in the entire month of March, and half of those were non-hostile fatalities.   There has not been a hostile fatality since March 16.  Of course it is sad to hear of any deaths among our nation’s best and brightest, but it is heartening to know our troops (and our brave people of Iraq) are facing less and less danger on a daily basis.

We should be spreading this news throughout the Middle East and the world.  A.Q. and Iran threw every dirty trick they had at Iraq and yet we won.  This has got to be discouraging to the radical Jihadists, and, if it is not, we should be making it discouraging.  Every success in Iraq should be front page news.  I want every radical in Pakistan and Afghanistan to be in deep depression over their failure in Iraq.  I want every Muslim who yearns for freedom and democracy to be emboldened by Iraq.

In closing, I honor every U.S. soldier who has served in Iraq and especially those who gave their all.  Job well done.

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