MI High School band marches in shame at Obama inauguration

A local high school marching band from Michigan was invited to march in Obama’s inaugural parade.  Things were going fine and dandy until your typical leftwing ultra-PC group complained that the high school’s mascott, the Chiefs, is insensitive to native Americans.  Unfortenately, instead of fighting this nonsense, the school has caved and will sew patches over the Chiefs logo on their uniforms.  They will also not carry their banner with the logo.  However this is not a permanent change.  It is only for the inauguration.  It is a very small silver lining that I don’t expect to last for long.  After all, this is a school that was invited (and accepted) an invitation to the left-wing president elect.  Two big thumbs down to school administrators for sacrificing principle to kiss Obama’s ring.  This is just another example of indoctrination over education at our government schools.  Get use to it kids, if you haven’t already.