No Republican fig leaves

In January, the Democrats will control the Presidency, the House and the Senate. To pass their agenda they do not need a single Republican vote (except to avoid a Senate filibuster). What they pass will be their budget and does not need to have any Republican fingerprints on it. Certainly Republicans should propose amendments, especially ones that strip away wasteful spending, but there is no need for final spending bills to have one Republican vote. It will not make one spit of difference for a Republican to vote for a Democratic bill. Democrats will still chase after a few opposition votes for the appearance of bipartisanship, but it will only be a fig leaf.

Do you think Pelosi and Reid can resist running up a huge spending deficit? Do you really think they can resist increasing taxes on people way below that magical $250,000 mark? Do you think Obama will actually veto any of the bills they send his way?

The time for Republican to start running the 2010 election is today. They need to keep track of the Democratic deficit and present the American voter with the bill in 2010. But for this to work, Republicans must keep their own voting records clean.