Vice President Cliff Clavin

VDH has an excellent post in The Corner discussing the nature of wisdom in light of the Vice Presidential debate. There are some who are criticizing Gov. Palin because she sounds folksy and so doesn’t come across as intellectually deep. On the other hand, Sen. Biden seems to have a command of the facts as well as a self-confidence that makes him appear smart. However, digging deeper into Biden’s facts, you find that a lot of his statements are factually challenged. Reading through this column I had the nagging feeling that Biden’s character sounded vaguely familiar. Then it hit me: Joe Bidden is a more successful version of Cliff Clavin. You remember Cliff from the TV show Cheers. He was the bar know-it-all who tried to sound convincing but almost always got his facts wrong. There is an idea for a great SNL skit. Get John Ratzenberger to play Cliff as Obama’s new VP candidate.