MoveOn protests McCotter (MI - 11th)

Just got an email from Rep. McCotter (MI-11th district) that Moveon.org is protesting at his Livonia office this noon (Thursday, Aug. 7). Unfortunately I am at work and a good drive away, but I will update if I can find anything on the local news. I don’t see anything on McCotter’s website so I am copying the email below the fold.

Dear Friend:

Today at 12 Noon, the extremist organization MoveOn.org will be protesting my support of lower gas prices for you at our Livonia district office located at 17197 North Laurel Park Drive, Suite 216 in Livonia, Michigan. Additional details are at the bottom of this letter.

This is an extremist organization who lied about General Petraeus, and tried to slow bleed our brave troops fighting in Iraq. Now, Democratic Speaker Pelosi’s extremist heralds of higher gas prices want to slow bleed working people at the pump into unemployment.

These extremists should hike to Ann Arbor and tell the vacationing Speaker Nancy Pelosi to stop selling her book and get her Democrat Congress back to work to lower Americans’ gas prices.

Given Democratic Speaker Pelosi’s extremist heralds of higher gas prices callous disregard for working people’s pain at the pump, what should Americans do with MoveOn? Tune out.

I work for you.


Thaddeus McCotter Member of Congress