Dear Conservatism, I'm Sorry

Dear Conservatism,

You were the bright future for America, you were the foundation we were built on. For years, we dedicated a movement to uniting all Americans under one banner, yours. Then we lost you.

I’d go further to say we gave you away. Like a teenage boy in a relationship, we didn’t see you for what you were. We took you for granted. Then we handed you away to the asshole that seems to always get his way, Donald Trump.

He spent years telling us he was a Liberal. On abortion, on guns, on taxes, on immigration, you name it, Donald Trump has always been a leftist. Why then, are so many of those we once saw as “principled, conservative voices” falling for his scam?

Is it because we are angry? Is it because we are stupid? Why would we allow you to be hijacked by a man who has spent years fighting against everything we believe?

Like that teenage boy, we are too nearsighted. We only see the first few words, not the message behind them. We refuse to look beneath the surface, we are drawn towards what looks the shiniest instead.

You see, “winning” is such a simple message, and it does what it says; it wins. It wins over reason, it wins over logic, it appeals to the emotions and casts all facts aside. It has hijacked the movement we once believed so strongly in.

Your message is not that. Your message is hope for all Americans, regardless of background or circumstance. Somewhere along the line, we missed that, and we alienated those we were supposed to reach out to and embrace.

There is still hope. There is the tiniest glimmer of hope that we may not have lost you for good, but that hope is fading quickly like the sun in the late afternoon.

You have gifted us with leaders that stand with us in principle, leaders who can sell your message without fire and brimstone, but with a smile and compassion. Leaders that show the conservatism is not synonymous with the adjectives so often used to describe Republicans. Leaders like Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, Ben Sasse, Nikki Haley. Leaders all deemed “not good enough” by the demagogues we handed you over to.

It is not too late to get you back.

We will get you back.

While there is little hope left, there is still hope. There is still hope that we have not lost you, the conservative movement, to those that are the antithesis of every single principle we hold dear.

The question is: will we fight for you, or will we be like the foolish teenage boy and lose you forever?