Why I disagree with Charles Krauthammer

Ok, I am writing this only from memory so bear with me.   Just a few minutes ago, on The Hannity show, Krauthammer said (I paraphrase)

that Newt Gingrich had too much baggage, and that he would “Frighten” much of te electorate.  Well, Historically I say that is Bunk.


Let me state before hand, that I am not a big Gingrich supporter. I actually support and will vote for Perry.  Having said that, I think Gingrich is a phenomenal candidate who can be a transendentil reform candidate.  Romney cannot.


But here is the reason I disagree with a Charles.  Those of us who are old enough to remember the years 1979 and 1980 will recall that EVEN WORSE THINGS were said about Ronald Wilson Reagan.  He was described both by Democrats and some of his fellow Republicans as A Dunce, a warmonger, a racist, a cowboy, and of course, as “uncompassionate”.


But he won by a rather large margin. The reason he won is because AMERICANS ARE NOT TOTALLY STUPID.  Yes, they can be fooled for a short time, But eventually they will see that the far left is a recipe for disaster.  Obama has now been totally painted with the trait of left/liberal/progressivism and there is no chance now that he can crawl away from it.

I don’t think that a person espousing solid conservative values right now can possibly lose to  Obama, unless they do something stupid to self destruct.   That means that Romney could certainly win.  But how much better to have someone more conservative, and more educated, more intellectual, and more experienced.