My post Mortem on the World Cup

I have been excoriated as an ugly American for not “getting” soccer. So I watched a lot of the world Cup, I gave it a try I really did.

What I saw was pretty bad. There was not much scoring, but when there was the referees called it back.

There was the most horrible flopping and play acting. I even saw a guy who looked like he popped a blood capsule. It was just like watching professional wrestling.

There were the horrible annoying vuvuzelas.(hey at least this time they didn’t riot and kill a lot of people)

And the ridiculous childish announcers and their idiotic GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!

In one word, immature.

Finally to all those who say I am an ignorant, close minded American, let us put the shoe on the other foot.

Americans like a large variety of sports. What is wrong with the other nations that they have never expanded their horizons beyond soccer? Why are they so backwards and narrow minded?