Well look who is the latest left wing media about to go belly up? None other than the magazine of the Reds for the last century. The Nation is facing a major shortfall as reported in Politico: Here is an excerpt.

Nation faces $1,000,000 deficit

The Nation is facing a $1,000,000 deficit and, as a result, it’s asking some of its reporters to make pleas for help.

Chris Hayes, the Nation’s Washington editor, sent this fundraising email out today:

Dear Nation Friend:

I’ve never written a fundraising letter — and living in a city where everyone is always hitting up folks for donations, I’m more than happy to keep it that way. I’m a journalist. I write articles and books about politics, Washington, and the world around us. And I’m extraordinarily lucky — I get paid to do so by The Nation. My Capitolism column about the political economy of Washington runs every other week in The Nation, and I just launched a weekly audio-cast called The Breakdown that attempts to take complex inside-the-beltway issues and make them understandable and accessible. It’s the kind of work that I became a journalist to do.

But as you’ve undoubtedly heard, newspapers and magazines are having a rough time. Journalism is in trouble at the very moment when we can’t afford to take our eye off what’s happening in Washington and around the world. So I’ve been asked by our publishing team to ask you for help by becoming one of our Nation Associates.

SO they say they are in dire straights, The truth is this magazine faces a hostile environment and a million dollar deficit.

Really what hostile environment is that? The free market? This just goes to show that leftism is only popular when it is out of power. Because once these people get a little power people quickly remember what they were like.