When conservatives finally get back into power: an Idea on government waste

I would like to see lawmakers try to introduce legislation of this type: If any one, or group of persons, either in or out of the government, find any sort of waste, fraud, abuse, or duplication in the federal government, they need to present a paper outlining the problem with a possible solution.

Then an agency of the justice department created for this reason, is ordered to immediately begin to put the solution, or a better one, into place. Meaning they could order other departments of the government to change their procedures or stop certain practices.

Then, the person or persons who presented the report will be rewarded, let us say, 3% of the savings for the next ten years. That could be a whole lot of money.

Furthermore the DOJ will see their funding increase and will receive bonuses, the more Federal money they save. This sets up a case of the government fighting itself, which is a good thing.

It should be noted that something like this was done before, way back in the civil war, and it worked pretty well.