Here is where I admit that I was WRONG!

I was foremost among us who were gloomy and downcast after the election of Obama and the Democrat majorities in Congress. I really thought that it was the beginning of the end.

You see, I had this view point. That the Dems had learned from the experience of Bill Clinton, that they would take an incremental approach, that they would be bipartisan. And in so doing they would be able to co-opt some of the Republicans and essentially get everything they wanted.

I was fearful that such an approach would work all too well, and we would be in for a generation of Democrat dominance. But I was wrong, you see i did not account for the stupidity, arrogance, mendacity, and stubbornness of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.

Like the Bourbon Kings, they have forgot nothing, and learned nothing. They could have triangulated, compromised just a little and still got nearly everything they wanted, but no, it was not in their genetic make up.

Now, they have turned the giant and stupid middle, the so called independents, against them. And it will be nearly impossible to win them back. Unless, of course, something out of the ordinary happens like a huge natural disaster. But even then, they would be judged on their responses, and i think we all know how that would likely turn out.

So, no more doom and gloom, I was wrong, and the Democrats are just exactly what we thought they were, poltroons, idiots, jackasses, and arrogant bastards.