It snowed today in Houston

It snowed today in Houston. I know that to most of you it is “no big deal”. But to Houstonians, well we might go five or six years between snows.

As political animals we tend to get all caught up in our worries. The economy, the war, global hoaxing, The O’ssiah, and the Gotterdammercrats. But sometimes we don’t stop and take time to consider the really important things in life.

Today, at our elementary school, I stopped class and let the kids out to see the snow. For most of them it was the first time they could ever remember seeing it. I watched them run and play and squeal with delight and it did my heart good. Call me sentimental but it also caused a small tear in my eye when I thought back on my own childhood.

Sometimes we need to stop and think about the simple things in life, the permanent things, the important things. And put everything into perspective.

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