Micheal Jackson? What the hell is this!?!?!

Well, Micheal Jackson, the so called King of Pop died yesterday of heart failure.  Micheal and I grew up together as I am also fifty years old and remember watching him and his family in their first ever appearance on the old Ed Sullivan show. He suffered the fate of many child stars and certainly never had a normal life.

But I was amazed, and a bit appalled at all the big coverage this got. Fox news spent the entire night on it. The next morning all the talk shows covered it nearly nonstop including the sports shows. There were people, even well known athletes crying and going on about how great he was. This was more coverage than the death of an ex-president or a Pope gets!

What the hell people, yes he was a talented guy and a pop icon, yes maybe he reminded you of your childhood. But lets get real! HE WAS A PEDOPHILE AND A WEIRDO of THE HIGHEST ORDER! We ought not to celebrate that.

His talent and accomplishments are insignificant compared to his creepiness. Get over it.

taken from my blog :Impudent Domain With pictures!