What are the odds of conservatism making a comeback in our lifetime?

Doesn’t seem too good to me.

Consider the following;  On top of their powerful special interest groups, and the aid of the mainstream media and academia and the celebrities the Democrats will soon be able to add more to their arsenal.

This huge slush fund will give billions to Acorn to fund political machine politics in amounts that can never be matched by the Republican party.

They will be in charge of redistricting in two years

They will put laws in place that will make many if not most workplaces union.

They will amnesty millions of illegal aliens who will vote in even higher numbers than now for democrats on account of the new giveaway money they will have.

I see Texas and Florida going democrat within two or three years, after that it wont much matter what happens because with California, New York, Texas and Florida sewed up all they need is a handful of other states.

Of course there is always the possibility that their idiotic activities will result in an economic collapse and stagflation, in fact it is probable.  But that is no guarantee that the Republican party can come back. Remember they can blame Bush for a real long time. FDR stretched out the great depression for ten years and only grew more popular.

Even if we do get a Republican president or two, no way they get congress back, so no real reform is possible.

Hate to be so negative, but I like to be realistic.  The failure of the Republican party not to reform the nation when they had the chance can now be seen for the criminal negligence it really was.

Look at western Europe, that is our future. And a sad one indeed it is, because there is no place left on earth that people can go for personal and economic freedom.