What Susan Rice's Promotion Means Going Forward

So, what does Susan Rice’s promotion to National Security Advisor today tell us about the next three years?

First, you can officially forget any chance that Eric Holder will step down unless Congress tries him for perjury.

You can also abandon any notion that Lois Lerner, or anyone else at the IRS, will be held accountable unless enough evidence is uncovered that criminal charges can be filed.

And we will most likely never get any real answers on Benghazi.

Essentially, the Obama administration has made the calculated decision that the political cronyism and deceptive practices, which have been so pervasive over the last five years, will continue unincumbered until Obama is out of office.  They’ve decided that stonewalling and smear attacks will continue to be the chosen defense against accusations of wrongdoing.

They sent out the signal today that unquestioning loyalty, not competency, will be the currency of the realm.

Today’s announcement shows that the Obama administration has decided they have nothing to lose.  President Obama no longer needs to worry about re-election.   His approval rating really hasn’t taken a heavy hit over the myriad of ongoing scandals, but even if it eventually does, it really makes no difference.  There’s no real legislative agenda outside of immigration reform, which Republicans also want in order to reach out to Hispanic voters, that requires Pres. Obama to continue making efforts to appease his critics.

As long as the administration keeps key personnel secured in their bureaucratic foxholes, they can impose their will through regulatory agencies, without having to deal with Congress.

The question one must ask now is whether or not Congress has the courage, and the American people have the attention span, to go through the long process of uncovering corruption against an entrenched administration.



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